To be most trusted and dependable business organisation in Civil Engineering & Interior Decorating in Sri Lanka.


To meet the Challengers in the development of multi sector Civil Engineering & Interior Decorating projects and providing clients the Satisfaction at their living and working environment.



Penthouse (Pvt) Ltd is a limited liability company registered in Sri Lanka and is within the prestigious Penthouse Group of Companies whose origin dates back to 1968, when the lead company of the group Neil Fernando & Company came into pioneer the fibreglass boat industry in Sri Lanka.

Penthouse (Pvt) Ltd was born of this need in fields

of civil, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering and subsequently Penthouse Interiors (Pvt) Ltd for custom designed Furniture & Interior Décor.

Penthouse (Pvt) Ltd counts over 35 years of existence as a vibrant and successful organisation which is actively involved in the field of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Plumbing works in various projects in Sri Lanka.

Today after obtaining  ISO 9001:2008 certification and establishing many subsidiaries and sister company like Penthouse Interiors (Pvt) Ltd, which one involved in the Interior Decorations & Furniture Industry continues to develop steadily and ranked amongst the foremost organisations in the country in the field of Civil Engineering construction as well as Refurbishment projects in Sri Lanka.

Also It continues their business in Interior Décor Design, Constructions and Manufacture of all types of Furniture and related timber item for projects.

We have executed many projects in civil construction and interior works of many corporate offices of private and state, luxury houses, scheme and leading hotel chains in Sri Lanka.




Address: #12, Dehiwala Road, Boralesgamuwa, Sri Lanka.

Phone: + 94(0)11 2057391 / + 94(0)11 2057393
            + 94(0)11 2057395 / + 94(0)11 2057396
            + 94(0)11 2057397

Fax: + 94(0)11 2517344
Email: pentpvt@sltnet.lk, cons@penthousepvt.com

Web: www.penthousepvt.com

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